1.3.3 Camino de Santiago Application Update Teaser – It’s a big one!

I have been hard at work building the Camino de Santiago app guides into something more useful than ever.  The objective with 1.3.3 was to reduce clicks, making it easier and more intuitive to get to what you need.

It was just released to apple for approval, and should hit your phone in less than a week.  Included in the update:

  • Content update – lots of feedback from hospitaleros, and plenty of small changes
  • Added searchable directory of all albergues – search by name or location
  • Added satellite version to all map pages – default view is standard to reduce data usage
  • Added dedicated map page – shows all albergues, points of interest, and route; defaults to your current location
  • Swipe to view more images from within any detail page – you no longer need to scroll to the bottom to see if there are more images (part of the “less clicks” objective).
  • MORE PHOTOS – Hundreds of photos have been added, (over 750 now in the guide).  They have been given a more prominent position on every page and are now included in the app download, eliminating once and for all any data connection for content needs.  Maps and comments still require data though.
  • Removed buggy update feature in favor of monthly releases of new content.
  • Fixed bug which reported erroneous distances when locative services were disabled.


Searchable directory of albergues along the Camino de Santiago.

Comprehensive map view which shows all albergues, points of interest, and other bits along the Camino de Santiago.