App Roadmap

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Now that version 1.3.3 is out in the wild, I thought it would be nice to keep you informed about what the future holds.  Below is a list of new features awaiting future integration, in no particular order.  If there is something you would like to see added, drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

New Features in the Works

More content on maps – The improved map feature just went live, and already it is wanting more information.  To be included are pins for cities, a few pharmacies, and a few fountains (the ones in the wild).

Clickable Map Annotations – The new map features show stuff, but it was pushed out the door before the click through functionality was implemented.  This is on course for the next release.

Improved Elevation Map – The elevation map is one of the few static pieces of information in the app; a future version will also include more accommodation and distance information, making it a great deal more usable.  It will also get it’s own full page spread.

Link to Facebook – Many albergues now have Facebook pages.  The next version will include links to them (they are not that easy to find at times).  I was on the fence with this feature until it was pointed out to me that Facebook is a handy way to keep track of where you have been, and also shows the most recent photography for any given albergue.

Link to – As the albergues fill up, and for the times that you want to pamper yourself, a shortcut to will be added to each city page making for a few less clicks.  It will also eliminate the annoyance of having to change the language tab every time you visit their website.

Add Route Lines – There are many detours on the camino, and most are covered in the app.  Unfortunately there is currently only one route.  This is a technical limitation of Apple (google doesn’t have any routeson android phones) that a solution is being hunted for.

Tag Favorites – Keep track of where you have been by tagging places as favorites, or use it to keep an eye on upcoming stuff.