I thought that title might grab your attention.  If you are looking for free stuff you have come to the right place, but only if you fit one of the below categories.

Hospitaleros and Albergue Owners

Keep up to date with what the app users are saying about your fine home.  Free download code guaranteed if you would like one.  Send me an email in English or Spanish and I will send you one, though you must please specify which guide you would like.

Pilgrim Associations

You know who you are.  Your members might like a few extra perks.  Send me an email and we can discuss the best way to get the WisePilgrim guides into their hands.

Bloggers and Evangelists and People who Talk Alot

Do you write a camino or travel related blog?  Are you planning your camino?  If you don’t mind mentioning the app (in a fair manner, good or bad) on your blog or publication I will happily send you a code.


I have never had help creating the apps, but it would be nice to have some.  If you feel like you could share some albergue and monument related photography from your camino without charging me, I would certainly not charge you.

The Downright Impoverished

It is hard to imagine owning an iPhone and being impoverished, but if you absolutely feel that you fit the bill I would be happy to help you along.  Drop me a line.


In all cases, please write to

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