Questions and Answers about the Camino Apps

Do I need to register to use this app?

Nope.  Never.  The app will never require you to give up any information about yourself.  You are welcome to leave comments from within the app completely anonymously, but please keep it friendly and honest.

Do I need to a data connection to use this app?

No.  And Yes.  The majority of the app functions without the use of a data connection.  However to submit new comments, or to browse the maps, you will need a data connection.

How often is the app updated?

It depends on the app.  The Camino Francés app gets between 6 and 9 updates every year, while the lesser traveled routes like the Invierno only get 3 or 4.  The reason is that there simply isn’t that much (or any) new information to add to these other routes.

Can this app replace my guidebook?

Absolutely.  That is the whole idea, apart from making updates easy I wanted something that I didn’t have to tear the pages out of to keep the weight down.

If you are keen to carry paper, bring a journal or your watercolors.

Why not just make a PDF?

To be honest that was the first idea, along with publishing an eBook.  Both have their limitations.
Neither allows for easy delivery of updates, have you ever updated an eBook?
Neither allows for comments and maps.
Neither could replicate the scrolling elevation map.

Where does the content come from?

Graphics, such as the elevation map and most photos are my own.  Most of the icons have been created by a community of designers who do that sort of thing.  Some of the albergue photos have been supplied by the albergue themselves.

The writing again is all mine, and the data behind it comes from a lot of time on the trail.  I moonlight as a tour guide on the camino, giving me lots of time to stay up to date.

Also, the guides have been around long enough now that many albergues contact me directly when something changes.  Many do so every spring.