Camino de Santiago Elevation Map

Mega Update to Francés Guide

During the writing of the Android version of the app I took the opportunity to redesign the whole thing.  It was getting a bit too full of information to be fast and that needed to be fixed.  It is now a much speedier guidebook, but you will still have to walk at your usual pace.

Moments ago I submitted the new version 2.0 to Apple for approval, and it should appear on your devices soon.

The update notes:

Major Update
Complete redesign of app – It was getting too big to be fast, the new layout speeds things up and puts more information on the screen faster.
Complete redesign of Elevation Map – The Elevation Map has been removed from the city pages, and given a page all of it’s own.  It now includes distance markers as well as indicators for accommodation and bar/café in each town.  More details will be added for the next release.
User Preference Page – Choose what you want to see by turning on or off the distance calculations and the comments section.  Also specify your preferred map type.
More Details – The stage pages now show more details for the cities.  Having this information at a glance saves scrolling and clicking.

Content Update
April saw the opening of several new albergues, these have been added to the guide.
More Routes on the Map – Added the Valcarlos option from St. Jean, the Calzada de Coto option from Sahagun, the Villar de Mazarif option from León, the Villafranca del Bierzo option, the Calvor option from Triacastela, and the Astorga road route to San Justo de la Vega.