New Guides Coming Soon!

I have had a few guidebooks/apps in the works for some time now, but it doesn’t look like I will be able to get them finished in time for the 2015 season. So I have decided to make them available “as is” for free in the hopes that they serve some good use to all of you.

There are three of them: The Camino del Norte, The Camino Inglés, and the Vía de la Plata.

What they have:
1. Accurate distances between all places
2. Mostly accurate directory of services in those places (atms, pharmacies, etc)
3. Comprehensive accommodation directory, albergues & hotels
4. Elevation Map
5. Map View with every point and route plotted.

What they don’t have:
1. POI’s. Things like churches and monuments have not been added yet.
2. Photos. There are a few, but not many.
3. Wordy descriptions of places and terrain.

Keep an eye out for them on the App store, they should arrive on the 10th of April, alongside the next update to the rest of the apps.